Author of POSITIVE: A Memoir.

American Red Cross Certified HIV & AIDS Educator.

Anti-bullying Crusader. International Youth Speaker.

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Ambassador.

Co-Chair of the Ryan White Planning Council - Indianapolis. 



Paige Rawl is an accomplished speaker and an inspirational figure for the tens of thousands of kids to whom she has spoken. Today, Paige speaks all over as an American Red Cross certified HIV/AIDS educator and advocate against bullying! Rawl was born HIV positive, but has never let her status be what defined her. In middle school she disclosed to her best friend her HIV status and within hours the bullying began. From that day forward Paige made it her mission to educate others and stand up for those who don’t have the voice to do so themselves.

Take Action

World AIDS Day (WAD)

December 1st

Get Educated by watching this film ---> t's Not Over tells the inspiring story of three courageous millennials from around the world who are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Award winning filmmaker Andrew Jenks takes viewers on a journey across India, South Africa and the United States to experience the epidemic first hand. The result is a deeply personal and uplifting story that is rarely represented in popular culture.

I am the person who is representing the United States. The movie is available on Netflix and Amazon in the U.S. as of November 19, 2014 and then internationally as of December 1, 2014. 

National Women and Girls hiv & aids awareness day (nwghaad)

march 10th

Do you know your status? Have you been tested before? In 2013, almost 60% of all new HIV infections among young people aged 15-14 occurred among adolescent girls and young women. Go to http://hivtest.cdc.gov and type in your zip code to find free testing sites near you.