"It was other people who saved me. When my journey was at its most difficult, when I was most ways to escape my loneliness, it was the people who stood by me that saved me."

"If you reading this, are in the middle of your own darkness, hold tight. Your own people are out there -- those friends who will love you for exactly who you are. When you find them, you'll laugh harder than you ever imagined. That laughter will fill all the nooks and crannies of your heart, all those places where pain had been."

"I didn't plan this journey, and I certainly wouldn't have chosen it. But the things that happened made me who I am. They're inside me now, part of me, in the same way a tiny virus has always been a part of me."

"It's a complicated and sometimes sad and seriously beautiful world we live in. There's plenty of work to be done."

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About the Book


Positive is a story about Paige Rawl, who is an all-american girl who was born HIV Positive. When classmates found out, she began to be bullied because of her HIV status. Paige is a pageant winner, cheer leader, and soccer player who suddenly finds herself being homeschooled when her administrators failed to protect her. She decides to take a bad situation and turn it into something good. She becomes a national youth speaker, starts a new school, and continues her life by not letting HIV define who she is!

POSITIVE is the current Today Show's Book Club Pick. Positive has been chosen as a Junior Library Guild book. It also has been nominated for the 2016 Abraham Lincoln Award. 

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  • The Children's and Young People's Conference of Indiana Library Federation.
  • Kids Ink - Indianapolis, IN
  • Westport Library - Westport, CT
  • Schüler Books & Music - Okemos, MI

  • Boswell Book Company - Milwaukee, WI
  • Franklin County School & Library - Indiana
  • ​Greenwood High School - Greenwood, IN
  • Herron High School - Indianapolis, IN
  • Literacy Book Fair @ Pike HIgh School - Indianapolis, IN
  • ​​Power of Women Luncheon @ Crone Middle School - Naperville, IN
  • Arsenal Tech High School - Indianapolis, IN
  • Warren Central High School - Indianapolis, IN
  • 11th Annual HIV in West Virginia Conference
  • Lake Park High School - Roselle, IL
  • Morris Hills High School & Morris Knolls High School - Newark, NJ
  • Indiana University East - Richmond, IN
  • Lemont High School - Lemont, IL
  • Chesterton High School - Chesterton, IN
  • Crispus Attucks Magnet High School - Indianapolis, IN
  • Desert AIDS Project - Palm Springs, CA
  • North Ridge Middle School - Danville, IL
  • Batesville High School - Batesville, IN
  • Richland County High School - Olney, IL
  • Hommocks Middle School - Larchmont, NY
  • Mighty Peace Day - Grande Prairie, CANADA 

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